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Why a bespoke control panel?

C N Controls builds control panels bespoke to your requirements, offering a panel which is specifically designed to fit your requirements.

Emergency Power Control PanelThere are, of course, off the shelf solutions, so why is a bespoke solution the right options for you?

If you want to purchase an off the shelf solution you essentially have two options, you adapt your project to the panel, or a adapt the panel to your project. If you order a bespoke panel, you can design the best solution for your brief and be certain the panel will be fit for purpose. In some instances the design will change between commencement and execution, a bespoke panel builder will have the flexibility to adapt the panel to support these changes.

Little things can make a substantial difference, C N Controls always include an engraved label on their panels. The label is engraved with the details of your company. This will ensure that your company details are front of mind when it comes time for repair or upgrade, long after you have finished the installation. That little label will be working for you for years to come!

Using a bespoke solution can save you money. The cost of adapting an existing panel (when taking into account time and parts) can quickly add up. By contrast a bespoke panel will arrive on site ready to be fitted. Assuming the specification is accurate




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