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Clear Water Revival Innovative Filtration Technology

Leaders in the natural swimming pools market, Clear Water Revival Ltd, are making a splash by fundraising on equity crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube.

Clear Water Revival Ltd are experts in natural swimming pools and have developed a brand-new, unique filtration technology that cleans swimming pool water using natural biological processes rather than chemicals.

To date, Clear Water Revival have managed to raise over £185, 000 using Crowdcube and are planning to use the funds to bring their innovative new technology to the new-build and retrofit pool filtration market across Europe and the US, with an estimated annual worth of £3.55 billion.

The project is being led by engineer, Andrew Cox and aquatic ecologist, David Nettleton; both have been previously been involved in clean-tech and environmental projects. The company has also been supporting a £150, 000 R&D programme at Cranfield University’s Water Science Institute, which is partly funded by a Government grant that was awarded to the company two years ago. Richard Mariner and a leading team of water chemists, biologists and engineers have spent the past four years developing and testing prototype modular bio-filter systems for swimming pools; with the aim to have a disruptive chemical-free filtration system technology for full commercialisation.

“We’re looking to revolutionise the conventional swimming pool industry as people look for alternatives to chemical treatments such as chlorine. Aside from the obvious health benefits of not using chemicals, when compared with conventional systems, our bio-filtration technology offers up to eight times lower running costs, far lower maintenance requirements, zero chemical costs” said Clear Water Revival co-founder Andrew Cox; he also went on to say “Our unique system, which does not require any plants to operate and can be heated much like a conventional pool, will offer people a totally unique swimming experience; it’s like swimming in an alpine river or lake with fresh mineralised water, which is so clean you can even drink it!”

Clear Water Revival’s bio-filtration technology’s advanced design features a filter that relies on bacterial action and absorptive functions that control any build ups of organic nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous which lead to the growth of algae and pathogens. As the bacterial action is completely natural, there is no need for the use of any chemicals or water sterilisation methods so the technology is able to deliver crystal clear water naturally.

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