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Using the LightwaveRF app we can offer your clients remote access to our control panels!

lightwaverf-bannerUsing the LightwaveRF app we can offer your clients remote access to our control panels!

We can now offer access via smart phone to our control panels using the LightwaveRF app. This very simple app enables your customers to control any aspect of their pool remotely from any smartphone. If you would like a quote for your specific requirements email us here

What do you need from a control panel supplier

When you are working in a project you have many things to focus on, but the issue you would prefer not to cause problems is your suppliers. That is why C N Controls is set up to make ordering your control panel as painless as possible.

C N Controls control panel

C N Controls control panel


We have been building electrical control panels since 1988 and have many delighted customers, we focus on value for money, flexibility and quality, building the panel to suit your requirements. Some of our customers have highlighted:

  • Flexibility  – We understand that you need a manufacturer that will work with you to ensure your deadlines (wherever possible) can be met, and the demands of your customers and business can be handled.
  • Labeled – Your panel will be there for a significant time to come, so if your company details are attached on an engraved label you may get enquiries for repair, refurbishment and replacement. All our panles are sent out with engraved labels attached with our customer’s details displayed
  • Value for money - Our pricing structure is fair and transparent, our price is based on the specification  your send us and there is no hidden extras. We find most customers find C N Control panels very good value for money

If you would like to find out for yourself feel free to get in touch we will be delighted to provide you with a quotation for your next project.