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Are you installing a control panel within a domestic premises? You need a non-combustible enclosure!

Since the start of the year new regulations have come in force to require a non-combustible enclosure on any consumer units and similar switchgear assemblies within domestic premises. Electrical control panels fall within this regulation. This means if your panel is for use in a domestic setting a plastic enclosure is would be unacceptable without being enclosed in a non-combustible enclosure.

Control panel with non-combustible enclosure As with most regulations it is worth examining it in detail and this article on the IET ¬†website goes into the regulations in more detail. There is useful detail including discussion on the meaning of ‘premises’ and if it applies to outbuildings. It is worth reviewing to ensure you comply.

The good news is that CN Controls build panels with metal enclosures as standard. Unless specified otherwise, any quotation from CN Controls, includes a non-combustible enclosure, fully compliant with the regulations. Why not drop us a line and we will send a quotation to show we are not only compliant, but competitive. We also offer great customer service, flexibility and advice as standard. So a compliant, competitive panel delivered to your site efficiently, we look forwards to hearing from you.

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