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Our refrigeration control systems are built to our customers specifications and requirements. We are involved from the design right through manufacture and installation of bespoken refrigeration pack panels and every refrigeration pack leaves us fully tested and ready for use. We are often involved in assisting testing of panel, pack and plant in the customers premises; C N Controls was recently involved in the manufacture of a refrigeration control panel, wiring of pack to panel and assisted in the testing of Carter Synergy Ltd new state of art CO2 training plant for their engineers.

The Prime function of a Refrigeration System / pack is to maintain correct temperatures for different foods or rooms. We create a range of refrigeration systems including:

  • Chiller Control Panels
  • Cold-room Panels
  • Refrigeration Control Panels
  • Refrigeration Pack Control Panels
  • Blast Chill Control Panels
  • Freezer Control Panels
  • Morrison Approved Coldroom Panels
  • Morrision Approved Freezer Panels
  • Morrison Approved Chiller Panels


Refrigeration Control System Case Studies

We were asked by Coca Cola to design a system to control the chemical dosing of the water process at their plant in Milton Keynes. The control panel was designed to their requirements and specifications and involved a tight time scale and the panel was installed and commissioned with C N Controls assisting on site. Coca Cola officials were more than pleased with our performance and product; so much so that our services were recommended to the Kraft Foods engineer team of the Banbury plant for whom we designed and manufactured a control panel for chemical dosing of their process water.

Later, C N Controls Ltd were approached by a local representative of Kraft Foods, who required our services to help save money at the Banbury Coffee Plant. The process involved a vibrating platform base, where the Coffee store bins are placed on; this new process packed more coffee into each storage bin, resulting in lower costs and time and more storage space.


A selection of our recent refrigeration control system contracts include:

  • Morrison Stores (Ferry Road Edinburgh, Solihull, Granton, Boroughbridge, Gyle, Hunslet, Yeadon, Pontefract and Berwick) for Honeywell Controls
  • Morrison Stores (Wymondham, Worksop, Crawley, Walsal, Melton Mowbray and Aylesbury) for Carter Synergy Ltd
  • Morrison Stores (Fort Williams) for K.B. Refrieration Ltd
  • Sainsbury Main Stores (Rice, Blackpool, Leamington Spa, Scarborough and Blackfields) for Carter Synergy Ltd
  • Sainsbury Convenience Stores (Stourbridge, Goldhark Road and Mapperley) for Carter Synergy Ltd
  • Tesco Main Stores (Bidston and Newcastle) for Carter Synergy Ltd
  • Tesco Express Stores (Middenhead, Bath Weston,Steatham and Brighouse) for Carter Synergy Ltd
  • Tesco.com Stores and Click & Collect Stores for Carter Synergy Ltd
  • Co-Op Stores (Halesowen and Chesterfield) for Carter Synergy Ltd
  • Booker Wholesale Stores (Sandown, Enfield, Redhill, watfrord, Rugby and York) for Carter Synergy Ltd
  • DHL (3 depots at  Banbury and Drayton) for Carter Synergy Ltd
  • Wing Yip Superstore (Birmingham) – 3 Refrigeration Packs for Control of Temperature of Display Cases, Freezers & Chiller Coldrooms
  • Eastern Counties refrigeration Ltd – Control Panel for Special Blast Freeze Process for Fruits
  • Eastern Counties refrigeration Ltd – Refrigeration Process for Red Beetroot